Find a magnet, get free stuff!


Italy was fabulous!

You know the scene in “French Kiss” with Meg Ryan where she is walking the streets and she gestures her hand to the surrounding street saying, “Oh! Beautiful.  Gorgeous.  Wish you were here!”?  That’s what went through my mind several times on my trip.  The architecture, language, food, people, art, culture – all so new and interesting.  Each day left me physically, mentally, and visually exhausted.

I also left several magnets around the area.  I know people are used to stickers, but those are more permanent and I didn’t wish to be a Rude American, visiting another land and leaving graffiti everywhere.  Plus, people could have the option of taking the magnet with them, if they so chose.  Are you reading this post because you found one of our magnets?  If so, send me a pic of the magnet and where you found it and I will send you a free bracelet and hand sanitizer!  Be sure to include your name and shipping address, as well. 🙂

And thank you to Christopher for posting while I was away and keeping everyone up-to-date.  We will hopefully hear more from him in his own future posts.

Speaking of such, I will be posting more about the trip as soon as I figure out what to share.  There were so many experiences relevant to our topic at hand.  Not to mention some jet lag to recover from.