A Dream That Measures 40×30 Feet

Here are the most current pictures of the community center that we have been building, or should I say built!

The access pathway is being paved. The windmill is visible in the background.

When I received these photos I was overjoyed.  I am just so happy to see this structure.  I am glad that there is little in the way of furnishings because it is already so full of potential! (I know, I know-perhaps a little cornball, but accurate.)

Northeast corner with front door on the left

I shouldn’t be too happy about the lack of furniture, though.  This is where I will be living for the 2 weeks that are currently planned for my stay in the area.

Another view of the southeast corner.

South-West view showing the side entrance.

East wall. Access to the 8th bathroom at the right corner.

I now find myself daydreaming of what will take place in here.  I imagine the local women of the village gathering, their saris a colorful contrast to the white room.  I will stand up and greet them, with the help of my interpreter.  What will they think of me?  I’m sure I will be a little nervous but more excited than anything as this is my current state whenever I think of it.  We will each then play a part in meetings that will change their health and the health of their families and neighbors.

The view as you stand at the front entrance looking North.

Am I putting too much into this?  Am I setting myself up for disappointment?  Perhaps I am over-romanticizing it, or perhaps I am too much of a dreamer.    Perhaps it’s the whiteness of the building that makes me feel that it’s a blank canvas for the people to begin to write their future.  It means so much to me that I can be even a small part of this.

Another view showing the toilets

South; row of 7 toilets

Although October will be here sooner than it feels and I am very grateful to have the much-needed time to prepare, I can hardly wait.  These pictures have made me so very anxious to be there.  I know that by allowing me the opportunity to teach and aide them, the people of the village of Saraiya will be giving back to me even more than I might deserve.  They have already brightened my world and put a glowing color to each of my days and I have yet to meet a single one of them.

Front entrance

2 Comments on “A Dream That Measures 40×30 Feet”

  1. linda bingham says:

    jodi..this looks wonderful…soo excited for you…its nice to actually see where you will be staying
    …now we can feel a bit more comfortable about you going soooo far away…did you say that the women will be coming to the community center to be taught? we love you…mom and dad bingham

    • plus1ndia says:

      Yes, they will come to the community center for the health education and feminine hygiene classes. David, for the primary school education, will go to the school(s).

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