Uncomfortable Questions

The samples arrived from Eco Femme today.  And they are exactly as I expected them to be from their website.  My favorite part is the color ( I love pink!) and the little pouch they came with.  I’m not sure what it is about covers and carrying cases that thrills us so much.  The first thing Christopher said when he saw the package contents was, “Oh look! A cool little pouch!”.

Don’t worry – I won’t be blogging about my experience using them or anything of that nature.  That’s not what this blog is about. 

When I look at them and think about using them, I wonder what it is going to be like to use this type of product.  It will be awkward at first, I’m sure.  Then it won’t be, just as it was when initially using my first feminine hygiene products.  And I wonder if the women of India will feel the same way.  I wonder if they will feel strange, uncomfortable, or disgusted in any way from now having a more intimate relationship with something that they should have had knowledge of all along.  Or will they feel relief – to be able to have their questions answered, to have a practical and clean solution to the issue of what to do every month?

David recently asked me what I would do if it were just me and Mother Nature-if I had no solution at arm’s reach every time.  Would I use old cloth?  Would I just try and find something absorbent and hope it’s clean?  I know I would want to just sit in the river for days at a time, which is obviously not practical.   And what would I do at night?  I’m already paranoid about getting blood on my sheets or mattress, and that’s with more protection than I believe any woman could possibly need.  I have no answer to these questions and I am so thankful for that.  I am grateful that there are people and organizations out there like Eco Femme and Pads4Girls that do.

One Comment on “Uncomfortable Questions”

  1. Laurie Richards says:

    Ask me about how things were when I was 14 next time we get together…it’s something I probably wouldn’t talk to with anyone else, but it might give you a bit more insight;) I love what you’re doing.

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