Open the Doors and Here’s All the People!

I received new pictures of the community center today, and they couldn’t have come at a better time.

Lately, I have been dealing with writing to NGOs (Non-Government Organizations), various companies, trying to help plan the upcoming fundraiser, and doing my best to communicate the need to a number of other people in an effort to get support for the project in one form or another.  And I will be honest in saying that the feeling that I am screaming into the void has been strong.  It’s hard to feel like you are accomplishing anything when you are desperately grasping for a helping hand and are only ignored for your effort.

Thank all that is good for Kathy at EcoFemme!  We recently had a Skype call where she shared with me several ideas and product possibilities for the upcoming intervention.  Plus, she shared with me the wonderful opportunity they have regarding micro-finance of their project.  It is a real chance for the women of India and the organization to help sustain its important work, as well.  I implore you to send some money.  Any amount will help! You can change the world for the better, and all it takes is for you to click here or visit

When the problem starts coming down to numbers it loses its face, its humanity.  The numbers I refer to are not only monies.  There is also social marketing surveys and scientific data.  And nothing seems to be possible without the numbers.  They become so important to everyone that they eventually become my focus, as well.  And a frustrating focus it is, too!

But today I saw faces.

Community Center Meeting

I think that's Dr. Mohammad in the striped shirt.











Dr. Mohammad’s words  from the email:  “The community center project is on a fast pace. Two days ago Mr. Raghu Raman was in town. We visited the village, invited every one for a meeting and informed them of our plans. Upon first announcement, only men came.  We then sent out word that we want men and women both and suddenly there were more women in the community hall than men. What was even more interesting is that more women came and talked with us after the meeting and expressed the desire to participate. As a result, we have decided to have three women and three men in the steering committee to oversee the community center. Watching during the meeting through my other glasses, I realized that women would be an ideal audience for you for they have a lot to say and a lot to learn. ”

In regards to the numbers: “Suggest we should focus on the common wisdom and continue as we have planned. Beside general awareness of hygiene, hand washing for all and women managing their periods hygienically should be two focus areas where we can make most impact in the shortest time. Even if there are no ‘measurable’ benefits, acts alone will make the society cleaner and help them focus on health and hygiene. The intangible benefits of this change in the mind set will be immense. Just by helping them stay clean, you’d shift the social paradigm in that you would be leveling the playing field between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’. Conventionally, in India, the poor and the untouchables were identified by their state of cleanliness.”

The immeasurable will be the reward.  ‘Nuff said.

A full room and an eager crowd!