Could the Corporate Sector cut us just a little slack?

Post by Christopher

Yesterday I was excited to learn of a new way to send money through Square, a new project called Square Cash. It seemed like a dream come true for receiving donations for a non-profit such as SUM1. The idea of simply emailing someone money… wow!

And in light of recent tweets such as this:

I could tell many others agreed this is concept was poised to revolutionize the whole system.

And it does, don’t take this post the wrong way. It’s simply brilliant in its simplicity, and I love minimalism like this. But what I can’t grasp is what I learned next…

I wrote Square, expressing how excited I was to start using this amazing tool. I received a reply today that dropped my heart:

“1) Square Cash is tailored for non-business payment transactions. You are unable to use this service for commercial payments or for accepting donations for a non profit organization.”

Ouch! I can understand not wanting commercial use of it, companies sidestepping the necessary processing of payment transactions and the like. I can even understand/accept a small processing cost for using it to raise donations: something along the lines of 1% or 2%. I’d be overjoyed to only spend that much on processing costs, compared to what it runs right now (anywhere from 2.2%+.30 per transaction to 2.75% flat)

SUM1 is not a commercial venture. We’re not getting rich from it. Quite the contrary: like most non-profits we’re struggling to stay afloat, and to bring the necessary change that will save the lives of children and improve the health and welfare of the poorest people in the world. We donate hundreds of hours of our time, not paid a dime from what we raise for interventions. And that’s JUST RIGHT. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

But in light of two recent posts I’ve shared—the TED Talk by Dan Palotta and The Role of Business in bringing WASH Changes—non-profits everywhere really need the commercial sector to cut us a little slack! We need companies like Square and Paypal to step up to the plate!

So I’m starting a bit of a social media campaign/petition/pressure right here, right now. And I need your help…

If you’re a Facebooker, send @Square a message, asking them to allow non-profits to use Square Cash for online donations. Cut us some slack! If you’re a Twitterer =) do the same and tweet along the lines of “@Square: Cut charities some slack and let them use #SquareCash for receiving #donations!” If you do both, pressure them from both sides!

Keep it polite, keep it professional, but keep the pressure on. Most importantly of all, share this post with all your friends and followers. Be sure to put “Pls RT” in your tweets, ask your friends and family to follow suit with a quick message to the company. If enough people speak up, they may see the light and revise their stance. They may donate services to charities and non-profits by allowing us to use their system, even with a small fee.

And share with us what you said, either on FB or here in the comments. I just sent them a FB message saying “Love your product, love your work, but can you please cut charities and non-profits a little slack and let us use #SquareCash for receiving donations? I’d even happily pay processing of 1 or 2 percent… I think most of us would! Thanks for listening =)”

And on that note, dear reader, thank you for listening.