Jodi – from home body to world traveller

Guest post from Christopher.

I’m writing today because Jodi is in Italy. Lucky girl. =)  She’s there for the next 10 days with her husband, who was asked by his company to come to Rome to teach a training course next week for the European employees of the company. So she got to join him while I stay home to watch the dog and mow the lawns. lol

I’ve known them both a long time, and I’m so very happy for her. All she wanted to do as a girl was see the world, but until this year she’d only made it out of the country once to Jamaica. This year, all her wishing has paid off, and so Italy is the first leg of her own “Eat, Pray, Love” tour: Italy, Cabo in Mexico for a friend’s wedding in a few months, and finally the big trip to Uttar Pradesh to meet the residents of Saraiya and teach them.

I’m much more of a home body, so I’m perfectly happy to bum around, eat crappy bachelor food while I can, and keep updating the servers and work on brochures for fundraisers. Plus, since I can’t eat gluten, Italian food is a complete waste on me. 😉 She’s under strict orders to come back five pounds heavier from all the amazing food they can sample, and to take as many pics as possible so that I can eat vicariously through her. lol

It’s not all food and games, though. She’s “magnet-bombing” locations with SUM1 magnets we quickly whipped up. She’s already hit the airport in Paris, and will leave them in Rome, Venice, and Tuscany before the long flight home. With any luck, she’ll post a few pics of the trip in the next few days as well.

Well, that’s enough out of me. Still got some work to do before tomorrow. Ciao! — Christopher

One Comment on “Jodi – from home body to world traveller”

  1. Laurie R. says:

    Hmmm. I need some magnets. I have a globetrotter who could leave magnets in his wake:)

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